Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Olympics Eye Candy

With so much of action going on in the Olympics (sport wise), one can't help but to notice the many eye candies from around the world all in one venue. Most of the Spanish handball team is amazingly above average.

Needless to say volleyball, beach volleyball, handball and water-polo are among the most viewed sports on the YouTube Olympics channel. Well for me at least.

Just to pick three random ladies out of the many that I've seen over the past week and a half, allow me to present to you Becky Hammon.

Well she isn't in the smokin' hot category but she stands out because how many other Americans born and raise do you know that plays for Russia?

After being snubbed numerous times by the American team, the 6 times WNBA All-Star announced that she was going to try for the 2008 Russian national team which sparked a huge controversy in the US. She did eventually play for them and won a Bronze in Beijing.

Watch her in the Women's Basketball Semi-Finals tomorrow versus France with the winners potentially playing USA for gold.

Next up, American hurdler Lolo Jones. Firstly, with a name like Lolo you're bound to get attention and what more with a face like this.

She was favored to win the 100m hurdles in Beijing but tripped on the penultimate hurdle, finishing in seventh place instead. The 2012 Olympics was to be her redemption but unfortunately she only managed to finish 4th  and out of the medals again.

Interesting fact: She posed semi-nude for ESPN in 2009 and she claims to be a virgin during an interview with HBO recently. Hmmmm.

Last but certainly not least I present Darya Klishina.

21 year old Russian long jumper. Junior European champion that is only just beginning to compete with the seniors.

This Olympics will no doubt be a learning experience for her and we do expect to see her for the next Olympics in Rio.

Also for Rio we expect Michelle Jenneke there! For those who haven't seen it. 16, 571,515 people have.

Click here  to make it 16,571,516. I'm volunteering for Rio 2016 by the way. Who's with me?

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Liverpool USA Tour in Pics

Liverpool's current tour of USA in pics.

 First game vs Toronto. 1-1 draw. Sterling oozes with class. Let's hope he breaks into the first team this season.

Aquaman. Is he staying or going again? Give him a chance I say.

Adam Morgan scores his first ever senior goal for Liverpool and is over the moon about it. Well done lad.

Second game vs Roma. 1-2 loss.

 Playing at Fenway Park would have been an unforgettable experience for the players.

Even James Bond / Daniel Craig showed up. Apparently he is a life long Liverpool fan.

Adam scored a late goal for Liverpool. Pacheco worked well and hopefully will get more games this season.

and last but not least .... He is BACK!!! Lucas Leivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Next up game vs Spurs this Saturday in Baltimore. Expect Stevie and the rest of the England internationals to play their first pre-season game. We will also get to see Borini in action. Come on you Reds!

~ 3 weeks to BPL season? Hurry the fuck up already. ~

Thursday, March 01, 2012

8th League Cup

We win. Nuff said.


Fancy a Cup double anyone?

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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Saturday beckons

Off to Old Trafford we go. Will those two shake hands? Or will Suarez put his hand out and Evra ignore it like a certain Bridge did to Terry?

I think it'll be a draw game but who knows we might beat them for the first time since 14th March 2009. The famous 4-1 away win courtesy of goals from Torres, Stevie, Aurelio & Dossena.

Random Rivalry Facts:

#1. The biggest win between Liverpool vs Man U was a 7-1 win for Liverpool in 1895 back when Man U wore green and yellow and were called Newton Heath.

#2. Highest scoring game? Liverpool 7 Man U 4 at Anfield 25 March 1908.

I got myself another t-shirt. This time the Support Suarez t-shirt. Collection of Liverpool t-shirts surpassing the 20 digit mark.

Liverpool Tee website --> Click Here

~His name is Suarez...he wears the famous Red........~

Thursday, January 12, 2012

We are but a clean sheet away ...

... from Wembley. Stevie was EXCELLENT! Welcome back Captain Marvel!

I predicted either a 1 - 0 away win or a draw as I felt we can take any team on at Anfield for a cup competition 2nd leg game. True enough we deservingly won 1 - 0 thanks to a Stevie penalty (3rd goal in 4 games btw) in the 13th minute.

Super Mario was shackled then faked injury to avoid getting sent off and although Aguero was again his impressive self Pepe proved that last week's blunder was just one off. Yes, we played the second half with 6 defenders but it was the result that mattered.

Jan 25th at Anfield - All we need is a scoreless draw to head to Wembley but I have a feeling we will grind out a 1 - 0 / 2 - 0 win. Come on you Reds!!!

On another note, our next 9 games I believe will define our season.

Liverpool v Stoke City Anfield BPL
Bolton Wanderers v Liverpool Reebok Stadium BPL
Liverpool v Manchester City Anfield CC (Semi's)
Liverpool v Manchester United Anfield FA Cup
Wolverhampton Wanderers v Liverpool Molineux Stadium BPL
Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur Anfield BPL
Manchester United v Liverpool Old Trafford BPL
Liverpool v Everton Anfield BPL
Liverpool v Arsenal Anfield BPL

Can we win all 9 please? I promise to be good.

~ We love you Liverpool! We do!